10 Best Small Campers with Bathrooms (in 2022)

Rather than searching for a rest stop or use a filthy gas station bathroom, it's time to invest in a small camper with a bathroom. Here are the 10 best of them.

If you’ve ever traveled with kids on a long car ride, or if you’ve ever had to pee in the bushes next to poison ivy, you probably know that bathrooms in campers can really come in handy on long summer vacations in your RV.

You don’t need a giant RV to enjoy the luxury of using the toilet or showering where you like. In fact, small campers have more than enough room for bathrooms.

I’ve included what I think are the 10 best small campers with bathrooms in one article to inspire you and hopefully help you decide:

  1. Airstream Basecamp
  2. KZ Escape
  3. Winnebago Micro Minnie
  4. Jayco Hummingbird
  5. Forest River r-pod
  6. NuCamp Tab 400
  7. Lance 1575
  8. Casita Spirit Deluxe
  9. Scamp 13ft
  10. iCamp Elite

You can have the bathroom you’ve been dreaming about and still have the convenience and versatility of a small camper. Thanks to the tremendous small campers on this list, you can have your small space and a toilet and shower too! No cake – bathrooms are not for cakes.

1. Airstream Basecamp

The Airstream Basecamp is a high-end camper, so it’s strange that both sizes only offer wet baths, but here we are. The Basecamp has a side entrance and a rear hatch for loading and unloading more oversized items such as bikes or paddleboards. This door’s too tiny for a hot tub, nice try. The panoramic window design makes the camper feel much larger than it is.

The Basecamp 16 sleeps two, and the Basecamp 20 sleeps four very comfortably. The size difference doesn’t change the bathroom size – which is kinda weird. But whatever Airstream, you do you. Instead, the Basecamp 20 adds a dinette at the front while keeping bench seating at the rear.

The wet bath isn’t huge, but it does have everything you need and a nice-sized window to increase the feeling of light and space. Don’t fret; there’s a curtain, so you won’t have to worry about flashing the neighbors while you shower.

The Basecamp has three different interior design choices. There’s also an attachable tent available to increase living or storage space once you’re set up.

Overall, the Airstream Basecamp would be the small camper with bathroom that I’d personally go for if I were looking for a camper.

2. KZ Escape

If you’re looking for an escape from reality (or in this case, an escape to the bathroom – it happens to the best of us), look no further than the KZ Escape. In addition to offering a dry bath with all their floor plans, this model also has a nifty “escape” hatch (get it?).

The hatch is a large rear door that opens up like a garage door, allowing for an open-air deck feeling inside the camper and easy loading of more oversized items like your grumpy Great Aunt (just kidding – or are we?).

Jokes aside, this feature keeps your toys inside while traveling or parked, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

The Escape also offers an off-grid package for those who enjoy boondocking. The E14 Hatch is the smallest layout choice in this camper style, with a dry bath and beds for two people in a 15’3” length.

The E60RBT keeps things under 20’ while sleeping up to six people. This floor plan has a large dry bath and a tent bed for extra sleeping space that doesn’t reduce usable space inside the camper.

The KZ Escape is an extremely versatile yet small camper that includes everything you need for your next camping trip.

3. Winnebago Micro Minnie

Out of all the Winnebago Micro Minnie models, the 1708FB is the tiniest model and is still 19’4.5”, but all that space does come with a dry bath. The 1808FBS sneaks in at exactly 20’ with a dry bath and a slide.

Despite all the space, both of these models only sleep three people – looks like the youngest sibling is sleeping outside, sorry kid! The 1808FBS has the option of a sofa and table or a dinette for the slide portion.

The dry bath is generous, with a skylight in the shower that makes the space feel even larger and provides a bit of extra headroom if needed. This is definitely an ideal option if you’ve got a lot of hair!

It’s actually a very decent sized bathroom with everything you need. It’s one of the nicest bathrooms that made this top 10 list in my opinion.

4. Jayco Hummingbird

Did you know a hummingbird’s average weight is less than a nickel? Well, it looks like the Jayco Hummingbird is aptly named, because despite its lightweight size, it packs a powerful punch! The Hummingbird has five different models, ranging from 13’ to 20’ in length. The 13’ does not have a bathroom, so we’ll skip that one. The 16MRB has a dry bath, as do the 17MBS and the 17RB. The 17RK has a wet bath with a bigger kitchen and more counter space.

The interior is what really sets the Hummingbird apart from other campers, so if you’re a stickler for design and showing off to your RV buddies, this model is for you! It has a modern farmhouse design, and the variety of floor plans means even the pickiest camper should be able to find one they love.

Jayco doesn’t have any 2022 models coming out; they’ve gone from 2020 to 2022. Seems like we all felt it necessary to skip a year this year, and we don’t blame them! The 2020 Hummingbird is still worth looking at though, as it ticks a lot of boxes, including the option for a wet or dry bath.

5. Forest River r-pod

The Forest River r-pod offers a variety of models. The RP171 is 19’ long and has a wet bath, while the larger RP 180 offers the dry bath option and is 20’ in length. The wet bath does look pretty tight, making it less appealing for larger folks or those who like to sing and dance to their favorite tunes while they shower.

The RP 180, on the other hand, has a sizable dry bath with a shower that looks comfortable and won’t have you tripping over the toilet or banging into the sink while you shampoo.

Overall, the Forest River r-pod is a great choice if you want a small camper with a bathroom that’s the same size than an Airstream Basecamp.

6. NuCamp Tab 400

The Tab 400 is the largest teardrop-style camper from NuCamp. Try your best not to cry of happiness about this model’s epic design (teardrop – get it?). There are three floor plans to choose from, and each plan has a roomy wet bath with a fold-down sink. The increased room created by folding down the sink solves the issue of hitting your backside on it while trying to shampoo.

This camper can sleep three comfortably. It has one permanent bed and a dinette/bed conversion. It’s a little on the long side at 18’3” but has some great extras, including an optional boondock package and the ability to choose graphics, trim color, sidewall color, fabric, and accent panels for a personalized look and feel so that your camper can stand out from all the rest!

7. Lance 1575

The Lance website claims that “small is the new big,” and proves it with a terrific layout and expansive interior, including a dry bath featuring a skylight in the shower – because taking a shower with a view of the sunny sky or starry night is way cooler than staring at a ceiling! It’s a little longer at 20’ and has one slide for the dinette. This camper sleeps four people comfortably, with one permanent bed, and the dinette converts to a double bed.

The Lance 1575 has three interior designs to choose from. The slide and multiple windows in this RV make it look much larger and brighter, and the skylight in the shower means that even tall dudes will be able to shower comfortably. Plus, when you and your RV buddies are comparing campers, you can give an extra nod to your shower, which will definitely create some audible gasps of surprise!

8. Casita Spirit Deluxe

The deluxe model of the Casita Spirit has just that – spirit (and a whole lot of it!). It comes in 16 or 17-foot options. The deluxe model is the only one that comes with a bathroom, and while it is a wet bath, it’s surprisingly spacious with a permanent sink. The toilet is located a step up from the base of the shower, and anyone who’s tried to shower while standing over a toilet knows how important this space is!

The Spirit Deluxe says it sleeps four people and has two dinette areas that convert to beds – one double and one twin. There are two interiors you can choose from, one is white and gray and the other is wood, so if you’re a picky RVer and like to have options to choose from, you’re in luck.

The main differences between the 16’ and 17’ are less headroom. There is also no freezer in the refrigerator in the 16’. If you’re the type who likes to pack extra meat for those warm summer nights and hot summer days cooking up a storm on the BBQ, you might want to opt for the bigger option. It also seems like the second bed in the 17’ is a bit larger, which might allow for those four sleeping people the website brags about.

9. Scamp 13ft

The smallest Scamp Trailers, similar to the iCamp, can be towed by cars, SUVs, minivans, you name it. This sets them apart from larger campers, and even the smallest model at 13’ offers a wet bath option. The 16’ foot option has several layouts, and while they’re all wet baths, the amount of room is remarkable, making them very comfortable for whatever you need to do in them. No judgment here.

The 13’ Scamp will sleep two people if you opt for the bathroom, and let’s face it, that’s why you’re here. You can sleep 3-4 people very comfortably in the 16’ Scamp, depending on whether you choose the small side bathroom or the larger front bathroom.

10. iCamp Elite

Nothing says elite like the iCamp Elite! This model has all the amenities you could want, including a one-piece wet bath that’s cute-as-a-button. Seriously, it’s adorable. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

The camper is 14’7” long. You can tow it with a lightweight truck, SUV, minivan, or passenger car. That makes this small camper with a bathroom extremely versatile.

The iCamp Elite sleeps 3-4 people, which makes it great for small groups or families – as long as everyone likes each other.

There are two color packages to choose from: blue and orange. They’ve managed to pack a lot of things into such a small space with this camper, so if you think you’re elite enough for it, the iCamp Elite might be for you!

Final Thoughts

If your heart and bladder are set on a dry bath, then The Jayco Hummingbird, the Lance 1575, the larger 20’ Forest River R-Pod, The KZ Sportsman Classic, or the Winnebago Micro Minnie are the models for you in 2022.

If you’d rather have either a smaller overall camper or more space for other activities, a wet bath might be right up your alley. The Tab 400, the Casita Spirit Deluxe, the Jayco 17RK with a larger kitchen, the 19’ Forest River R-Pod, the iCamp Elite, any of the Scamp trailers, or the Airstream Basecamp will fit the bill.

All of the small campers with bathrooms discussed here have pros and cons, and only you can decide which you prefer. All of these small campers deliver the convenience and comfort of a full bathroom. You won’t have to kick everyone out to use the port-a-potty, risk getting attacked by a bear when you pee in a bush, or spend time searching for gyms or truck stops to take a shower.

There’s no need to sacrifice anything or to lug a bigger camper, which can impair your ability to explore specific areas or park where you like.

Instead, enjoy traveling and remind your family that you’re not just a workaholic! You know how to have fun and explore nature while bringing all the comforts of home along with you – all the while having a comfortable place to do your business.

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