How Tall Is a Garage Door for an RV?

Want to know how tall your garage door needs to be to fit your RV? Let's take a look at the standard garage door and the typical RV sizes.

So you’ve come home from an amazing trip to Yosemite with your family and you park your expensive RV outside your house. As time passes by, it starts getting colder and your RV is covered in snow.

Two days later, you come out to your RV only to realize that one of the windows is shattered. No such things would happen if just you had a garage door that’s big enough so you can park your RV inside.

Let’s take a look at how tall your garage door should be if you want to park your RV inside. It’s actually a lot taller than you might think.

How tall should the garage door be?

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The best way to figure out just how tall the garage should be is to measure the height of your RV and then add a few inches. That way you’re not relying on some number you heard on the internet only to realize that your RV is higher.

But if you prefer having an estimate, well, then here it is:

DimensionsClass AClass BClass C5th wheelTravel trailer
Length33 ft20 ft28 ft32 ft20 ft
Width9 ft8.5 ft9 ft9 ft8 ft
Height10 ft9 ft10 ft8 to 10 ft11 ft
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You should be in the safezone as long as your garage door is more than 11 ft tall and about 9 ft wide. Just don’t rely on this number solely.

Some RVs have air conditioners and solar panels which should be taken into account when building a garage door. And the height you see above is when you’re measuring from the edge of the roof to the ground.

Does my RV fit into a standard garage door?

A standard garage nowadays are typically 7 to 8 ft tall and 8 to 9 ft wide.

In other words, no, your RV likely won’t fit in a standard garage door since it’s at least 1 ft too tall. You’ll also need to take into consideration the length of the garage. Most garages won’t fit a 33 ft long RV.

According to Clopay, the standard garage door is either:

  • 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall
  • 9 feet wide by 7 feet tall for a single car garage door
  • 16 feet by 7 feet for a double garage door

Most custom built garage doors in Florida is actually 10 ft tall. Heck, even some of Clopay’s projects reaches 12 ft.

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Just imagine how tall an RV you can fit inside a 12 ft tall garage door!

What are some other options?

You could also find other ways to store your RV. You don’t HAVE to park it inside your garage door. Even though it comes with a ton of benefits.

We like to say that there are 5 options when it comes to storing your RV:

  1. In your driveway
  2. On your property
  3. In your garage
  4. In a covered RV storage facility
  5. At an outdoor RV storage facility

If your only traveling once or twice a year, you should maybe consider contacting an RV storage facility and ask them how much they charge. Some facilities will store your RV in fully enclosed garage stalls while others have covered carports.

If you’re interested in reading more about alternative storage options for your RV, check out our other article: RV Storage: 5 Cheapest Ways to Store Your RV.

Final thoughts

Those are pretty much the things you need to consider when looking for ways to store your RV and whether or not it will fit inside your garage.

Again, you should be in the safezone if your garage door is at least 11 ft tall, 9 ft wide, and a whopping 33 ft long (if you have a class A).

If you consider parking your RV in your driveway without any form of coverage and security, then here you go: Travel Trailer Insurance: The Definitive Guide (in 2022).

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