Privacy 🕵️‍♂️

Typically when you visit a website, it’s tracking your every move. But that’s not the case here. We’re privacy-first always so that you can feel safe browsing this website.

What we’re tracking

We’re tracking overall trends on this website and not individual visitors. We don’t use cookies, and we don’t collect or store any personal or identifiable data.

Here’s a list of what we’re tracking:

  • What page you’re visiting
  • What browser you’re using
  • What operating system you’re using
  • The device type (mobile, laptop, or desktop)
  • What country you’re from

As you can see, what we’re tracking is very broad and by no means person-specific.

Which tool we’re using

We’re using Plausible Analytics to track the above-mentioned statistics. We’re paying $25/mo to use Plausible instead of a free tracking tool such as Google Analytics for two reasons:

Plausible’s tracking script weighs <1KB (meaning a faster loading speed)
It tracks no personal information
If you want to know more about the tracking tool we’re using (Plausible Analytics), then head over to their website where you’ll find tons of information.

You should know…

One thing you should know is that we’re linking to other websites on our site. Once you’ve clicked these links, we can’t be held responsible for the protection and privacy of any information that you provide while visiting other websites.

Other websites that we may link to are not governed by this privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, reach out to us by heading over to our contact page.