a backpack with a sleeping bag attached underneath

How Much Should a Backpacking Tent Weigh?

If you're bringing a tent with you for a longer hike, it's important to consider the weight of the tent. The lighter the better. But what's a good weight for a good backpacking tent?
woman sitting in tent with dog

6 Useful Tips to Living in a Tent Long Term

Are you considering living in a tent for a longer period of time? Then you'll want to know these 6 tips which will save you a lot of trouble down the road. Not kidding!
tent stakes lying on dirt

Do Tents Typically Come with Stakes?

Whether you're shopping at Target or the nearby camping store, knowing whether or not a tent comes with stakes is nice to know. Here's what you can typically expect.
tent on grassfield in front of huge mountain

How to Secure a Tent Without Stakes

There are a bunch of ways to secure your tent if you've either lost or forgot your stakes at home. In this article, we're going to cover 5 cool ways to secure your tent.
skateboard and blue tent on a sunny beach

Can You Use a Camping Tent at the Beach?

If you're heading to the beach and want to stay protected from the wind or maybe even sleep in the sand, can you use your good ol' camping tent that's lying in your basement?
person holding short candle in his hands

Can You Heat a Tent with a Candle?

Heard someone say that they used a candle to warm up their entire tent and didn't believe them? Well, they're actually telling the truth. Here's how to warm up a tent with a candle.