cup of water surrounded by snow

Can You Drink Melted Snow?

When you're out camping in snow and don't have access to fresh water, eating snow would be intriguing. But can you simply melt the snow and drink it?
a person lying in a red hammock

Can You Get Bed Bugs from Camping?

Nothing can ruin an enjoyable camping trip as much as itchy bed bugs. But how likely are you to get bed bugs when you go camping? We're covering it below!
two people sleeping in sleeping bags on a boat

Quilt vs Sleeping Bag: Which to Choose?

Can't decide whether you should opt for a super warm and robust sleeping bag or a lighter and easier to pack quilt? Let's take a look at which one will fit your needs the best.
camping gear laid out on the floor

How to Store Your Camping Gear at Home

If you're a gear nut and have camping gear scattered throughout your entire home, you'll love our step-by-step process to organizing your camping gear at home.
a campfire on the beach at night

Why Does Fire Make a Popping Noise?

The comforting, crackling noise that a campfire makes is unlike anything else. Do you know how that sound is made? Let's put on our scuba mask and dive straight in, shall we?
blue sleeping bag lying on green grass

How to Quickly Fix a Sleeping Bag Zipper

If there's one thing you don't want, it's a broken sleeping bag zipper when you're freezing your socks off. Knowing how to quickly fix a sleeping bag zipper can come in super handy!