majestic brown deer looking into camera

When Exactly Are Deer the Most Active?

Are you worried about hitting a deer on the roads or just curious as to when deer are the most active? We'll cover when they're the most active during the day, year, and temperature.
grizzly bear walking on grass field with trees in background

Can a Grizzly Bear Climb a Tree?

Grizzly bears can weigh up to 1.000 lbs and can lift 80% of their own weight. But can such a massive animal climb trees or are you safe if you climb up in the treetops?
tiger staring into camera in the woods

Can Tigers Really Climb Trees?

If you're stuck in a tall tree with a slobbering tiger below you, knowing whether or not a tiger can climb trees comes in handy. We're about to unravel everything there is to know.
a spider with big eyes sitting on a leaf

What Color Does NOT Attract Bugs?

Instead of figuring out which bug spray works the best, wouldn't it be cool if there was a color that repelled those small creatures? Let's have a closer look, shall we?
alligator walking on street

How Fast Can an Adult Alligator Run?

Have you ever wondered if you could outrun an adult alligator if you'd stumble upon one when you're out hiking? You might want to reconsider giving it a shot... they're fast!
black bear standing in tall grass

How Fast Can Black Bears Run on Average?

You're in a forest and encounter a bear. You now have 2 options; either run or stand your ground. It would be tempting to run... till you hear just how fast black bears run!