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Thomas Godwin

Thomas Godwin is a writer and Marine Corps veteran with a degree in Creative Writing from the Full Sail University. He has been writing content for HeadlessNomad since 2021. Being a veteran, Thomas knows pretty much everything there is to know about the use of paracord, how boots should fit, and nature in general.
a yellow school bus seen from the front

How Many Wheels Does a School Bus Have?

You've undoubtedly seen one of those long, yellow school busses if you're living in the states. But have you ever noticed how many wheels they have? Here's the answer.
k2 seen from the ground covered in snow

How Much Does It Cost to Climb K2?

Have you always dreamed of summiting a mountain like Mount Everest or K2? Then you're going to want to bring your big wallet because it's going to be expensive.
mount everest covered in snow and clouds

How Much Does Mount Everest Weigh?

Sure, lots of people can tell you how tall Mount Everest is, but how many can tell you the weight of the mountain? Well, you're about to be the one that knows it!
a group of hikers climbing mount kilimanjaro

How to Train for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Do you have a dream of climbing the tallest mountain in Africa? Then you need to get started with the training. Here's how we'd train for it if we were to climb Kilimanjaro.