Who we are 👨‍🌾

We're a small team of outdoorsmen who've built a library of 300+ articles jam-packed with useful tips and tricks to get through everyday outdoor-related problems.

Our mission

We’re all about writing in-depth articles that tackle outdoor-related problems to help people become one with nature and relieve some of all the stress our everyday lives consist of.

Since September 2021, we’ve published 300+ articles on hiking, paddleboarding, RVing, and much more, and we’re not planning to stop publishing anytime soon.

The team behind

When we started out, HeadlessNomad consisted of just one writer and has since grown to a team of four highly-dedicated and creative writers.

Jakob Staudal
Founder & Editor

Jason Gass
Content writer

Thomas Godwin
Content writer

Tyler Jones
Content writer