3 Best & Highly Portable 12v Ice Makers (in 2021)

Portable 12v ice makers come in all shapes and qualities. Let’s take a look at where you can find a 12v ice maker that’s worth your money.

Being able to almost instantly create ice cubes is amazing. And doing it with a high-quality 12v ice maker is not only efficient but also kind of fun.

Gone are the days where you’ll need to drink lukewarm water because you forgot to fill up your already packed freezer with huge ice cube bags.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the 12v ice makers that might be worth a quick glance. Let’s dive straight in.

1. Brass Monkey 12/24VDC

Source: Brass Monkey

Finding a 12v ice maker is pretty much impossible since making ice cubes draws a ton of power. Most ice makers can’t produce ice with just 12v.

However, that’s oddly enough not the case for the Brass Monkey. In just 7 minutes you’ve got yourself a good chunk of ice cubes. Even those with a hole in the middle!

There’s not a lot of reviews covering it so I actually decided to purchase one myself. And it, hands down, works as promised. The quality could be a tad better but it was able to make ice cubes in a little over 8 minutes so I’m happy with my purchase.

2. SnoMaster 12v/220v

Source: Campcraft

Stepping up a notch, we’ve got the SnoMaster that’s capable of producing 12 cubes per cycle and a cycle takes approximately 15 minutes. That’s about 15 kg every 24 hours. You definitely won’t need ice anymore!

According to Campcraft, the SnoMaster runs on 12v DC and 220v AC:

This ice maker can run from both 12v DC and 220v AC power, so you can have ice for your sundowner or cooler box wherever you may be.


It’s definitely not as portable as the first ice maker but given it runs on 12v, it’s a lot more portable than a 220v ice maker that e.g. can’t be plugged into your car.

3. Challenger Portable Ice maker

Source: Challenge Yachts

The Challenger ice maker is one of the most portable 12v ice makers on this list with a total weight of just 14 kg (30 lb.).

It’s suitable for use with solar power or any low voltage source since it’s only 12v, and it makes 12 to 15 kg of ice in just 24 hours (26 to 33 lb.).

It comes with its own little 3L water tank so all you have to do is make sure it’s connected to a 12v socket and that the water tank is filled.

Why is it so challenging to find a 12v ice maker?

If you’ve been searching for a 12v ice maker for some time now, you’ve probably realised that the market’s pretty thin. There’s not a lot of ice makers capable of producing ice cubes with only 12v.

That’s because making ice cubes takes a tad more power than you might think. Most portable ice makers such as the Igloo 26 pounds ice maker is powered by 120 volts.

Should you buy a 12v DC ice maker or a 200v AC ice maker?

Let’s face it, having a 12v DC ice maker would be extremely convenient. You’re able to make ice cubes on the go using nothing but the power from the battery in your car.

However, the reality is that a 12v ice maker is 5 to 8 times more expensive than a 220v AC ice maker. And apart from it being much more expensive it also draws a ton of power from the battery.

Furthermore, most campsites are equipped with 220v AC power outlets so if you’re planning on jumping from campsite to campsite, you really should consider the Igloo 26 pounds ice maker over any 12v ice maker.

Can you power a 220v ice maker with a 12v power outlet?

Powering a 220v ice maker with a 12v power outlet won’t work the way you’d imagine. Your ice maker simply won’t be able to produce ice cubes on such a low voltage.

One way to work around it is to use an inverter but it’s really not an ideal solution since you’ll be using tons of power from your car’s battery.

Then it’s way better to go for one of the native 12v ice makers that made this list or simply choose a campsite with 220v AC outlets.

Final thoughts on 12v ice makers

As previously mentioned, the market for 12v ice makers are extremely thin. I was only able to find three 12v ice makers that lived up to my own requirements.

They won’t be producing as many ice cubes as fast as if you were to purchase a 220v AC ice maker but they certainly get the job done.

I’d really recommend you going for a 220v AC ice maker or simply buying a fridge that includes an ice maker where you’ll also be able to store the ice cubes at the same time.

Best of luck finding the ice maker that lives up to your requirements.

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