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Here at HeadlessNomad, we have a library of +120 articles to help you turn those camping nightmares into success stories. Goodbye to leaking sewer hoses, punctured trailer tires, and harmful campsite power surges.

Our team

Jakob Staudal


Jakob is the madman behind HeadlessNomad. He’s the type of guy that always gets the middle seat in an airplane, and the type of guy that’d rather hit the roads in Iceland than the beaches in the Maldives.

Tyler Jones


Tyler is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to do pretty much everything from camping to biking to golfing. You can almost always catch him outside enjoying the beautiful nature of the world.

Jason Gass


Jason is a professional freelance writer who regularly seeks out adventures with “The Wife” and “Munchkin” in tow. When he’s not traveling, camping, hiking or road-tripping, he’s writing about family life with an emphasis on dad’s or craft beer travel or hiking.

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